Thursday, July 31, 2008

20160 Minutes

Two weeks is a long fucking time. 20160 minutes to be exact. For two weeks I can't work in the garage, can't ride my bike and worst of all; I can't have sex.

Walking out of the hospital yesterday I crumpled up my Percoset prescription and threw it away. I'll be dealing with the pain of testicular surgery without painkillers, as I have with every surgery since I quit dope. sex for two weeks. Yeah, I can't even jerk off. This is going to be a long two weeks. You see I fantasize constantly; about women I talk to, ones on tv, ones I see in cars, ones I know and ones I used to know. The problem is that now I have no release for the pent up sexual energy that boils in me at work, home and while I'm out. It has been only 24 hours and I can already feel it. I have to release them somehow or they will drive me insane. I will be writing a lot more sexually charged stuff for the next two weeks, so don't get all worried when I don't write some depressing shit for a while. Although I'm sure I'll find something dark to write about, I always do.

Ok so...Pandora's Box

You shouldn't have done that, you are a troublemaker. I know you like to watch men squirm, I'm not stupid but I am no exception. I don't mind...I like squirming. Don't forget that I play the same game; admit it or squirm as well. It hasn't been long, but I am really beginning to like the idea of opening Pandora's Box.

Given the opportunity I would not be gentle, not at first anyway. I would shove you onto that ledge, your head hanging over; staring down at the huge drop before you. You would feel your skirt being hiked up and your panties being yanked down to your knees. One firm push and I am in, I put enough force behind it to make you think you are going to go over the edge. You gasp slightly, but realize I wouldn't let you fall...not in a million years. Each thrust thrills you, the danger excites you. Your breasts are smacking the edge of the building and I can hear the traffic passing by unknowingly in the night. Imagine if someone was watching, would you like that? Oh, I already know the answer. Me too?

She has been watching us the whole time and has just now slowly moved up behind me, pressing her breasts into my back. She reaches her hand forward and feels me sliding in and out of you, sliding one of her fingers into you as I pump. I think I want her to feel good too, it is her turn now. I push her down onto the ledge next to you and slide myself in.

Now I am fucking you. Poor baby, I know you were watching us, but it is your turn now. Your lips are now locked with hers, her cheeks still flush from the fucking she was just getting. I pull your hair back, just how you like it and pound away, one hand reaching down to play with her pussy. One blond goddess on my left. One black haired goddess on my right. I am in heaven. I feel myself start to lose it...going over the edge.

I sit naked in the chair, slowly growing hard again while I watch you two go to work on each other. I can barely stand to watch this sight, it excites me beyond belief, you two are the definition of the word sex. I want to jump right in the middle of you two, but it would be like jumping onto a still wet canvas. I could not ruin this masterpiece. You look over at me and see me fully hardened again. "Come join us," you beckon, how could I possibly resist.

Our three bodies are intertwined and we are each looking around to find needs to satisfy for the others. No one is selfish and no one is jealous, we are intimate in our trinity, becoming one. The sounds of slapping, sucking and moaning hang in the musty smelling air. The sheets are sticky with our cum and our sweat coats the others. Our moans fill the room.

Hours must have passed, but time has eluded me. I am lost in a feeling which has no timeframe. I have no idea how many times I have cum, I recall falling asleep a few times only to be awakened by you two...again and again. I can feel another orgasm squeezing its way out of my body. I don't know if I can take anymore. That feeling, however, is constantly overpowered by my insatiable desire to be in you. We collapse into each other; completely exhausted and spent. My whole body is tingling and I feel like it is totally seperate from my mind. The feeling is exquisite and lucid.

"So what do we do now?"

"Let's get drunk and do it again."

"I've got the first round."

I watch you two get dressed and tuck away yet another bulge in my pants. The lights of the city blind me as we step out the door. I can still smell both of your sex in my beard. I can't wait to get back...


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