Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a Reminder

Something I wrote a while back.

Wanna remember what it feels like to get fucked? Well, put your hand between your thighs and close your eyes (actually keep them open, it might be hard to read)...

You can feel the strap of your dress sliding ever so delicately down your silky shoulder. Your stomach starts to get light with butterflies, your breathing shallows. You moan ever so slightly as I kiss your neck. I pull you in tight and press my hardness into your back. Your hand reaches around to grab it, "No," I whisper into your ear. Tonight is going to be all about you. Oh don't worry, I'll get mine. Don't argue with me, it has been too long for you, hasn't it? You need to be treated like a queen. I want you to get what you need, what you deserve. I deserve the satisfaction of giving you satisfaction.

Again, you feel fabric sliding against your smooth skin. This time it slides up your hip, I'm lifting your dress up, sliding one finger ever so slightly across the warmth your thong is hiding from me. I want it in my mouth...NOW! I shove you forward, you let out a little gasp. I said I wanted to please you, didn't I? I didn't say I'd be gentle. You fall face first onto the bed and I immediately yank your thong down to your knees. My tongue goes to your wetness like it was a magnet. You taste like desire. You taste like heaven. Ever so slightly I brush my tongue across your clit. You shudder. I can't seem to keep my hand off of myself as I'm doing this. It doesn't matter how hard I try. My pace has gained ferocity as the reward of your moans egg me on. My intensity is increasing. I want you to need this. I know you need this. I feel you start to lose it when I suck your entire sex into my mouth like I need it for survival. I do need it for survival. I can feel your wetness dripping off of my beard onto my chest, I can taste your sex. It tastes like heaven, have I told you that. I feel your muscles clench as you eek out the last few waves of your orgasm. I am delighted, I think you might be too.

Giving you one long last lick I slowly slide myself up your body to your lips. The sensation when I enter you is beyond pleasure. It needs another word to adequately describe it. We are one is exquisite. Your lips are locked with mine, you need me. You need me to fuck you. You need me to make you cum. I need to make you cum. I need to cum. The first thrust takes the breath out of my lungs and I pause before going back in, falling back into your chest. Your legs wrap around me with a firm squeeze, "its time dear, are you ready?" Stupid question. I couldn't slow down if I wanted to. I am not in control, my instinct has reign over my body. It forces me to pound you, to make it hurt. My hands are tangled in your hair. I pull back hard, forcing your mouth into mine.

Muffled moans creep from your body. I try to force them back into you with my cock, as hard as I possibly can. I cannot stop. It would be physically impossible. I would self destruct. The wet slapping sound from our hips overpowers the sound of the bed hammering the wall. I need this and so do you, we are one. I feel your hips start to shake as the sound of your moans drops to a more animalstic tone. I can feel the walls of your pussy gripping me. Sucking every last drop of my pleasure into you. The sight of your beautiful face locked in orgasm sends me over the edge. I fall back into your chest, your arms and legs wrapped around me, my orgasm begins. I feel my eyes roll back into my head and my toes spread apart. We are no longer on earth. Your cunt is milking my cock for everything it has, I can feel my cum spraying into you. The most amazing feeling washes over me. I feel our juices simultaneously joining and our orgasms simultaneously subsiding. I kiss you again and stare into your eyes, you are beautiful. You needed this, I can see it in your eyes. I am happy to oblige, I needed it too.

Remember now?

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