Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Undying Gratitude

So, remember how yesterday I said I was trying to get out of the funk. Well I have done it, thanks to the help of one, well actually two beautiful women. Hold on hold on, before you get all excited, no, I am not going to tell some hot ass story about the threesome I didn’t have last night. Yes it is still a good story, don’t be rude. So I still live near the school where I graduated (cheap ass rent) and often walk down to campus to use the internet. Last night I went down to email this certain woman I occasionally talk to and when I got to the computer lab I saw this cute little girl I used to have a thing with named Maria. We talked for a few minutes and she asked me what I was doing there, I told her that I had a friend to email. She asked who, I told her it was top secret but that I just might tell her if she came over after work and got high with me for a bit. I had sparked her interest; she agreed and would be over at about 10:15. So I emailed my friend, walked home, finished the story I was writing and got cleaned up. Now Maria used to be my, how do I put this delicately…little side project, so naturally I wanted to look nice.

It was about 11:00, she was late, just like she always used to be, and I was beginning to think she wasn’t coming. Then I heard her car and got all giddy like a little kid. I am a douche. We sat around drinking High Life, playing video games, smoking and talking (see why I like this girl) until about one in the morning. We were talking about our past and our sex lives which of course led to some provocative talk. She said I seemed more confident, and mentioned that she thought it was sexy. “I always thought you were cute and that’s why I liked you, but you were kind of a pussy when it came to women,” she said. We laughed and laughed about that one. I looked over at her, reached my hand up to her cheekbone and brought her in for a kiss and she scooted right up next to me. How’s that for confident, bitch. I put my arm around her and suddenly felt like I was having a flashback remembering how good she tasted. It was different this time, however, because she was right, I have been feeling more assertive and confident lately. I think I’m starting to like it. I pushed her down gently on to the couch and climbed on top of her, “It used to always be me who took charge, look at this cocky little fucker pushing me down,” she said. Again, stoned ass laughter ensued before we started making out again. All I am thinking right now is “thank you _____, fucking thank you!” If it wouldn’t have been for emailing my little friend I would not be making out with my old fuck buddy right now. Undying gratitude, she has my undying gratitude.

Maria and I kept up our nice little make out session for a while; kissing, stopping to make fun of each other and talking about how glad we both were that we ran into one another. We were playing our old game of seeing who could con the other one out of their clothes first; needless to say I was losing. She was topless lying on her back and I was in my boxers, my dick poking out the front of the fly. I reached my hand down between her legs but she grabbed it and pulled it back onto her breast, “Uh…I’m sorry,” I was slightly confused. “It’s not you, we will just have to save that for another time,” she said embarrassedly. DUMBASS, I had bruised my ego thinking she didn’t want me before I even stopped to think. “Monday would be a better night, if ya know what I mean. But if you take off those boxers and sit up I’ll make it up to you,” she said. I obliged and she turned around, packed a bowl, handed me a lighter and said, “You can watch TV and get high while I suck your dick, would you like that?” “Eh, I could think of better things to do,” I said. “Shut up you douche bag,” she replied. I had forgotten how much I loved this girl, such a cocky little bitch. She started to put me in her mouth and I really remembered how much I loved her, sweet Jesus she knows what she is doing. Needless to say no smoking or TV watching took place for the next few minutes; I just sat there with my mouth open making funny groaning sounds. “You missed this didn’t you; M doesn’t do it nearly as well as me, does she?” No, she had me there, didn’t she. I was about to explode when she gently grazed her teeth up the length of my shaft (she even remembers how I like it) before going wild on it. I felt myself cumming hard in her mouth, she started moaning softly, taking me out of her mouth and said, “Shit boy you missed me didn’t you.”

We sat around hanging out until about 3:00 this morning, probably the reason I’m so fucking hung over right now, when she finally said it was time to call it quits. I walked her out to her car and kissed her goodbye, she grabbed my balls and said, “Monday, then?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, it’s a date.”

All I have to say here people is that because the woman I went to email is so damn sexy and provocative, I was compelled to go to campus and bump into Maria. So when I get home tonight I will raise my first drink in your honor. My friend, you have my undying gratitude. You receive the first ever Choice Reader Award. Take a moment, let it sink in. You should be proud of yourself, reader.

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