Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Text Messages

Two text threads for y'all to read.

Numero uno: Last night to Meg

Me: I hate this. 20:45
Me: I love you. 21:18
Me: Fuck you forget it you bitch. You won't even check to see if I am ok. I not I punch thru drywall and driink your wine. 01:47

No response yet.

Numero dos: To my good friend, call him Ike.

Ike: Any word yet bra. 07:12
Me: Huh on what honky. 07:12
Ike: Ur nut sack. 07:14
Me: I'll prob know this morn. 07:15
Ike: Cool this is weird i never thought id be concerned for a mans bag...especially yours. 07:23
Me: haha ok asshole I'll let ur bitch ass know. 07:25
Me: Cancer free for sure homie g spot on a cot tying a knot hoping not to get shot. 08:57
Ike: we're getting smacked a noche fag tag. 09:01
Me: Word up stupid fuck. 09:01

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