Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Take a good look at that picture. Keep it in mind as you read this story.

Maria came over at about 7:30 last night, she was determined to fuck immediately. I had plans to make her squirm for what she did to me in the lab the other day. The chess game begins. Seems I am in the lead here. I told her I wanted to make her wait. I also had dinner reservations, didn't tell her that. Yes, my friends, I am taking her to dinner. I am a pussy. A hungry pussy...and thirsty too...I need a drink.

We went to this Italian place called Indigo in a kind of yuppie area by my apartment. I fucking hate yuppies. We sat down, got some drinks and ordered dinner. already, the game was on. She is a strong opponent, but I can normally beat her. Tonight is different. These weird things called "feelings" kept fucking with my head. I offered to buy dinner. Fuck! There goes a rook. She ordered wine, a bottle, and poured two glasses. She looked across the table and winked. I felt her foot in my crotch. Fuck, I was getting hard, "I've got you now," she said. Shit, I just lost a knight. This game is turning for the worst. She is maneuvering her queen, I can see it in her eyes. She will be going for the kill soon, I know her all too well. I need to play damage control. ASAP. My high ground is quickly eroding.

Fuck. That check was EXPENSIVE. Shit, I lost my other rook for that. Man oh man, I don't even wanna admit the price to you. I guess that's what happens when you order three bottles of wine. We walked back to my place, playing a little game of grab ass on the way. We stopped at the store and bought three more bottles of red wine. My pawns are falling by the wayside with every witty remark and sarcastic comeback. She is good. Or maybe I'm weak.

The steel door to my apartment slammed shut behind me. I only got two of my five door locks (yes I am that paranoid) engaged before she attacked me. It was all over for me, folks, I absolutely melted into her. Clothes were being ripped apart (literally I went looking for buttons this morning) and flying through the air. She knocked a glass of my counter which shattered on the floor, I slapped her bare ass hard for her clumsiness. That will leave a nice mark. Needless to say, that glass did not get cleaned up. Whew, I am DRUNK and she is taking advantage of me. How the fuck did I get between her legs. Damn her pussy tastes good. I pour a little wine right above her clit and watch it roll down, licking it up after watching it for a minute. She is squirming. I am in control...or at least I think I am. She has one hand on the back of my head and is literally pushing my face into her pussy while grinding her hips against my mouth. Ok, scratch that, I am definitely not in control here. There goes my first bishop. Uh oh, this isn't good. She has the high ground now.

She told me to fuck her. I complied. Climbing up her body I let my cock rest just outside of her pussy, nudging her clit with my swollen head. I was trying to regain some ground by teasing the shit out of her. "Nice try, fucker," she said as she grabbed my cock and jammed it into her. Oh my God, we both let out a simultaneous gasp and moan as I ground my hips into hers. It has been WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too long since I was inside of Maria. WAY too long. I am definitely not in control here. She tells me to get on my back, "I want to fuck you," she says. OK there goes that other bishop. Shit, she is getting everything she wants. I am supposed to be the one in the driver's seat here. This was supposed to be my "get your swagger back" night, instead I am getting dominated by this extremely seductive woman. This game is going down the tubes. I really shouldn't have drank so much wine. She feels exquisite, my friends, I can barely handle it. She is killing off my pieces, one by one, and I am powerless to resist.

Maria climbed on top with a smile and said, "who's in charge now Mr. Confident?" Fuck, she has me by the balls, pun absolutely intended. I cannot turn my brain off, I am thinking things I should not be thinking right now, you guys...I am in trouble. Foxy little bitch. She stands my cock up and practically falls onto it, our bodies meeting with a wet slap. I can feel myself hitting her cervix, we have always been a perfect fit. She has a mean look on her face and is furiously fucking me, suddenly stopping with me all the way in. She was shaking uncontrollably and growling, I kid you not, growling like an animal. "Ready to go again," she moaned. "Bitch, I'm not going anywhere," I replied. It really didn't sound all tough when I said it, it just looks like it in text, it was more like an effort to get control of her wild desire. That other knight is long gone now. If you've been keeping score you know I'm down to just king and queen now. Fuck, I can't win. Look at her side of the board, she has most of her pieces left. Look at that smirk, she knows that I am fucked.

I have to try.

I put my hand on her shoulder and shoved her back, my cock falling out of her, leaving a very unsatisfying vacancy between her legs. She almost flew off the fucking bed. "Turn over bitch," I growl at her. "Oh my, what is on your vagenda?" "Shut up," I mutter as I grab her hair in my left hand and pull, arching her back as I thrust into her. There goes one of her bishops. Game on, bitch. I am pounding her mercilessly and pulling her hair to the point I am sure she is in pain. From the sounds coming from her mouth, she likes it. I pull harder. I feel her pussy quiver around me as she starts cumming again, at my command. I'll take that knight too, bitch. Fucking game on.

Flipping her over onto her stomach, I crawl back between her legs and send my throbbing cock home. We are both lost in ecstasy. My headboard is pounding into the wall, unfortunately, for my neighbors. It actually was chipping the paint and mashing the drywall, but I didn't care. That is what security deposits are for, one whole year to not give a flying fuck about that wall. I was absolutely destroying her, the sounds coming from her mouth were a mix between pure agony and pure pleasure. She is losing pieces quickly now, I just took another rook. The ante has been upped.

I feel it now, that little twinge in the top of my dick that tells me its time to go to heaven for a moment. I kept throttling her until I was about to explode; pulling out at the last second and painting her chest with my cum. I did not stop cumming. My legs were shaking and my toes were spread apart, reeling from the almighty orgasm pulsing through my flesh. My mind is momentarily detached from my body as I look to see myself screaming with pleasure, cumming all over her gorgeous body. I collapse into her chest, my cum sticking to us as we kiss. This is it. This is where the final move gets made. No hiding now. It is do or die.

"Cheese I think I might be in love with you again."

Check. My queen is taken. Now, I am in trouble.

"Maria, I think I always have been."

Checkmate. I watch my king fall to the board. Now, I am fucked.

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