Monday, July 21, 2008

The Result of Heavy Drinking

After a weekend dominated by fighting with M, I am emotionally and physically drained. All the arguing and then making up right away was nothing short of exhausting. On Saturday night I apparently exploded like a fucking car bomb. M didn't say much in the morning and none of our friends would tell me what I said to her. TGF finally told me I need to apologize to her, that I said some horrible shit. Trouble is I can't remember anything from Saturday night. Yesterday was weird, I'll explain more later, but coming in this morning I see this in my inbox...

i think we really need to talk tonight cause this weekend made me realize some things...and i think we should talk about it if we're planning on taking our relationship any further. cause like i said said some stuff that i don't know if you actually meant or wanted me to know and i know now and we need to deal with it before its too late.

Great...just great.

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