Monday, October 24, 2011

The Blue Notebook: Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

An important discovery has seemingly placed itself on me this past weekend.  As I have been wrestling with the two sides to every argument idea, it seems like this is the last position anyone wants to see.  Jake is the master at this, he is the most opinionated and ridiculous know it all that I have ever met.
I am reminded of that class lecture Dr. Larson taught about how to support a false argument like denying the Holocaust.  Jake makes some of the same obscene comments about life that he supports with useless facts and misleading argumentative tactics.  When he claims to think that it is a good idea to wear a swastika or something, he thinks he is being a rule changer when in all actuality he is just acting like an idiot.
I found some sort of peace there for that night in Chicago.  I took a shit on a statue of Shakespeare while tripping on mushrooms.  It seemed so modernist at the time, however it was still hugely unnecessary.  Me, Dave and Dan came back and saw it the next morning.  Funny, but totally unnecessary.  People are too quick to reject the past and they do it in the name of progress.  The problem is that too many people are not being taught how to advance a society these days.

People are too busy and caught up in the new modern life that they don't spend nearly as much time respecting the past as they used to.  One shouldn't live in the past, but one should respect its rules and then bend them and add to them where they were lacking in order to create a vastly new society.  This doesn't just happen lightly, as the last time it happened was WWI and WWII.  Hopefully we learned how to advance with the, "destroy and rebuild anew" philisophy that was formulated after the wars.

Today if one looks at the worlds political, cultural and economic situations, one would realize that this world greatly resembles the world that was parent to the restless years from WWI to WWII.  Hopefully we learned, but like I said, I think it will not be such a nice outcome.  Remember who you were and know who you are, but don't let who you were define who you are and who you should be. 

1:15 AM 5/30/05

You must have been drunk when you wrote this, it makes very little sense.

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