Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Mr. Anonymous Commenting Cocksucker

Ok, I have had about enough of it. Look I have absolutely no problem if you want to come here and comment anonymously, I leave that as an option for a reason. But SERIOUSLY, you wanna come here and talk shit to me, call me disgusting, tell me to fucking grow up? That what you want? That make you feel good? Righteous? HUH?

Well listen here you fucker, I already have that covered perfectly fine myself, so thanks for your effort but I have it taken care of.

I watched you since you first commented some “holier than thou” bullshit a few months ago. I know that you have read every single post I have written. I don’t track my readers, but you are a different story. For example I know you have read “The Virgin” more than 5 times. I know you’ve read the “Hotlanta” posts more than once. And I know that you have read my phone sex post numerous times. So you tell me, saint, what your fucking reasoning was? Why did you read some of my most sexual posts over and over again? HUH?

You fucking piss me off, not because of what you say (it is watered down anyways, try a little harder to insult me next time you pussy) but because you do it in such a fucking cowardly manner. Now you listen to me, you anonymous bastard, I don’t give a fuck what you think about me. In fact maybe tonight I’ll go fuck someone in a goddamn church and use the Bible to roll a joint, just for you. Would you like that? HUH?

So you want come here and try to make me feel bad, huh? Try harder you boner. You want to act all righteous and point out the obvious? Keep pointing bitch. You want to throw your religion in my face? Well toss it then cocksucker. You want to feel good about telling me I am a lowlife? Well I hope it helps. Is that what you want? HUH?

Well listen to me you fucking piece of shit, I know what you’re doing…I’m on to you. You sit in your room and jerk off to my posts and you feel bad about it. You then comment and tell me I’m scum (I FUCKING KNOW ALREADY ASSHOLE) so you can feel better about yourself. Then you repeat. I know my writing is good simply because you come home after church and log on to THIS BLOG and read, and don’t you fucking tell me otherwise you fucking bitch. So fucking pray about that.

So, in conclusion, you make ME sick you fucking asshole so fuck off go find someone else to fucking bitch at, you can jerk off to pictures of little boys, you don’t fucking need my blog to get you off. So fuck you fuck off go fuck yourself fucking shut up you fucking fuck I fucking despise you fucker.



Your unrepentant, asshole, vile, disgusting, sinning, jerking off, fucking, cum spurting, beer drinking, pot smoking, world hating dickhead author Cheese.

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