Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally (New York Part 1)

Before I get into telling this story, I would like to explain that it is going to be written in six parts, since so much happened between 5 pm on October 9th and 1 am on the 13th. These posts are going to be quite lengthy but I am writing this for her and I so if you don’t like it or what I have written feel free to fuck off. I have provided plenty of interesting blogs on the side for you to click on, go ahead and make use of them. I am going to try to put this into as much detail as I can possibly remember so that I have this to read for a long time to come. So without further adieu, New York Part 1.

The “family emergency” lie had gone over smoothly enough that I finally got my nerves in order by the time the clock struck five. With the worries of the boss off of my mind, I hit the road, my stomach upset from the stress. I had an ear to ear grin plastered on my face as I hit the freeway. I tried, in vain, to keep from speeding but my foot would not lay off the gas, traffic was bad and I needed to hurry. She called me as I was getting onto 71/75 and I could hear the excitement in her voice, I’m sure mine was apparent as well…

“Four and a half hours, baby.”

My nerves had subsided, finally it was here, and all I had to do was make it to the airport.

I sped into my parking lot and told Mike to hang out while I cleaned up; I had to hurry as I hadn’t seen the southbound traffic that backed up in years. We got in the truck and hit the road, Metallica blaring out the open windows, drawing the usual puzzled stares from my neighbors in the projects.

“Cheese, you haven’t sat still since we got in the truck.”

“Dude, just step on it, if I miss this flight I will shit a brick.”

With that he punched the accelerator and began weaving through what little traffic was moving. Just my luck that on the only day I need to be somewhere Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are both in town and both in my area. When we finally got there I had 45 minutes to get through security and to the gate, I flicked my cigarette and ran inside....this was it.


The flight pulled away from the gate right on schedule, I sent her one last text before I shut off my phone, “Pulling out of the gate. Here we go.” I let out a sigh and prepared for the longest flight of my life.

The plane landed at about ten minutes after nine, she didn’t answer either time I called, must still be in the subway. She called as I was walking in to brush my teeth; she was on the air train and would be here in 20 minutes.

This is it.

I was not the least bit surprised when she was late, but when she called me to say that there was one stop left I felt my heart pounding in my chest and my mouth getting dry. I sat down and tried to catch my breath as the train pulled up. I saw her through the window.

She is beautiful. She is absolutely beautiful.

She stepped off the train with a gigantic smile and I took her in my arms and held her tightly, for the first time in months everything stopped. I was not in the past nor was I in the future. My feet were firmly planted in front of this remarkably gorgeous woman (much more so than her pictures let on) and firmly in the present.

We stood there for a second trying to figure out how to get back to Manhattan. I could not stop staring at her, I didn’t know what to say, I just kept staring at her. We sat down together on the air train and my left knee touched her right, I looked at her and she smiled…

“We are definitely fucking tonight,” she said with a devious grin.

I wasn’t nervous as I talked to her. I wasn’t nervous as I put my arm around her. I wasn’t nervous when I leaned in to kiss her. Everything felt so natural.

We rode around the wrong way on the train and had to transfer but I couldn’t care less, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me. I slid my hand further and further up her thigh until I felt her warmth; finally everything we talked about was here. Her lips parted slightly when I reached her sex.

After getting off the air train we walked through a mostly deserted platform across a moving walkway. She turned to me with a nasty smile and unbuttoned her jeans, exposing herself to me. I slid my hand in to feel what I had waited three long months to touch. She gasped.


We stood there waiting for the subway back into Manhattan with my hand down the front of her panties, rubbing her clit. We leaned against a pillar with some guy not more than 3 feet behind us, I am positive he could see, but she didn’t allow me to remove my hand. I kissed her and felt her warmth on my face; she smiled at me and closed her eyes. I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers clean as the train pulled up.


We sat on the subway talking and kissing, I was exhausted and laid my head on her shoulder, muttering to myself that this was pure insanity. The train ride took forever, about an hour, but we finally got out by St. Mark’s and headed back to her place in the East Village. Stepping out of the subway stop was like stepping into another world, there were fucking people everywhere as we walked back hand in hand. She stopped again next to the park down the street from her apartment and tried to get me into her pants.

“No, fucking come on we need to get back right now.”

Her roommate was asleep when we came in so we quietly put my stuff down in her room. I stood in her bathroom, my heart racing, staring in the mirror, “This is fucking insane,” I kept saying with a grin. I walked into her room and quietly closed the door as she dimmed the lights. I took her in my arms and kissed her.


The clothes came off quickly, we were on her bed making out…I had to…I had wanted to for so long. I trailed my wet kisses across her chest and down her stomach, pulling down her panties as I reached my long awaited destination. I licked her thighs and breathed in the deep scent I had dreamed about. My tongue found its home and she gasped. The taste was new; I could not have enough of it. I looked up to see her looking down at me with the happiest expression on her face, doubling my efforts. Soon enough she had my cock in her mouth, making slurping noises as she sucked on it. I closed my eyes and lay back on her pillow, enjoying her mouth and hands exploring my body. It is still a blur.


I stared into her eyes as I climbed on top of her, for the first time I knew that everything we talked about and hoped for was about to come true. I pushed into her gently and slowly, extracting a deep moan from between her full lips. I felt my eyes roll back into my skull as I lowered myself onto her, feeling her arms wrap around me. The event is a mix of feeling and emotion, as it was clear that our first time would be passionate and deep. I did not thrust, we grinded against each other, getting to know the lines of each other’s figures in the low light. I felt at home. I felt like all the bullshit from the summer was gone. I felt like all the haunting memories of the past were gone. The drugs were gone. The betrayals were gone. The insecurity and sorrow of loss were gone. Everything was washed away that evening.

In that moment there was nothing that mattered to me, except for her.

She asked me to show her that she satisfied me, she begged for my cum. I felt my legs shaking like they never had before as I let go on her, coating her stomach, chest, neck, face, hair and pillow with my cum. She laughed and said she had never seen that much before…I didn’t say it, but neither had I. I had never cum like that in my life before; it was three months of blue balls being released.

Never in my life have I cum that hard. Read that again. That is the truth.

I felt like an ass for going on her face and hair, but how the hell was I supposed to know it would be that forceful. I got her a towel and we cleaned up. I lay down and took her in my arms. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear. My fingertips lazily traced her curves as I kissed her. I let out a sigh of pure satisfaction; it worked…there were no more worries about what would happen.

“We are fucked, aren’t we?” She asked.

“Yeah, we’re fucked.”

I knew, at that moment, that the encounter would be so much more than simple fucking. It was just the beginning of something I don’t think I will ever fully understand.

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