Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Girl on the Phone (New York Part 2)

I don’t think it was possible to have been happier when I woke up on Friday morning. It was early as I got up to go to the bathroom. I stood there in the mirror again, shaking my head with a smile, “This is fucking crazy.” I couldn’t get over the fact that the words I had read in text were finally being spoken to me. I couldn’t believe that the Girl on the Phone was finally a real person.

I couldn’t help but wake her up when I got back into bed, sliding myself up behind her and wrapping my arms under her tits. I promised I wouldn’t act like a fool when she took her shirt off, but it turned out to be harder than originally anticipated. They are…well…yeah, they are awesome (I sound like a fucking teenager). I pushed my hard on into her back as she rolled over to kiss me, still half asleep. We started to play again, and before long I was back on top of her and back inside.

She held me close that morning, like I had not been held in a long time. I sank into her slowly, staring into her brown eyes. She did not blink, I can still remember how she looked at me, as if we had been lovers long ago and were reunited once again. It finally felt right, I thought for a second about the meaningless sex that I had had in the past months, but forgot as soon as she grabbed me.

I rolled onto my back and she lowered herself onto me. I stared. I could not stop staring. She ground her pussy against my pelvis and I felt her shake around me, I pulled her down and kissed her neck. I whispered the things into her ear that I had been telling her over the phone for months and they finally felt real. It didn’t feel like I was exaggerating or promising something I could never give. I was giving her everything I had, just as I said that I would.

I could see in her eyes that it was affecting her, her motions intensified and her moans deepened. Her fingers rubbed furiously back and forth on her clit as her other hand pressed against her hip.

“Tell me you need me to cum for you baby.”

It had been a long time in the making and I had waited so long to see what I had been hearing all this time. She was cumming on me. She let out a squeal as her hand slowed its friction on her clit. She shook for a second before I pulled her back down onto me. I had gotten what I wanted finally. I had made her cum.

I held her for a while before going back to sleep, the words hung on the tip of my tongue. They had been there since I stepped off the plane. Uttered so easily for so long, why was it so hard to say now? What was I afraid of?

“I…uh…don’t know if I should be saying this…but, uh um…I love you.”

She punched me in the chest and told me that she was about to say the same thing. Suddenly I didn’t feel quite so insane for saying so, the reciprocation made it ok.

We had said it many times before over the telephone and via Gmail, but I realized all at once that it had never really meant anything. We had been in like with each other but were calling it love, as we had no other name for it. But there was always the hidden fear lurking beneath the surface that when we met something would go wrong, something HAD to go wrong. It was just too good. BUT, nothing had gone wrong, in fact it went better than I had hoped…it was going perfectly.

Suddenly “I love you” meant something. Suddenly it wasn’t just something I muttered to Meg to get her off my back. Suddenly it wasn’t something I said to Maria to keep her from hating me. Suddenly it wasn’t something I told Jen to stop her from crying.

For once when I said, “I love you,” I was telling the truth.

I pulled her in close and laughed about the conversation we had about not wanting anyone touching us when we slept; I guess that went out the window. I laid there for a minute before going back to sleep and realized that I was actually…brace yourself here people…happy.

We woke up a few hours later, slightly irritated that we had slept so long. I was excited, today was the day that I would finally get to go out and walk around New York. I stood up with the intention of getting dressed and getting going, but seeing her lying naked and half covered by her sheet changed my mind. She looked exquisite as her back arched to stretch off the sleep; I placed my arm under her and climbed back into bed.

She gripped my wrist tightly to pull me away from her throat as we fucked. I thought I was killing her; honestly I had never choked anyone while fucking like that before. Each time I released I was greeted by the sound of a gasp for air mixed with a moan. I was afraid that I was hurting her or that she would slap me and get up, but neither happened. Every time she squeezed my wrist, I released and she smiled at me…a little shocked, but still smiling.

She got on her knees and I impaled her from behind, spewing insults out of my mouth as I fucked her.




She would correct me each time.

“YOUR whore”

“YOUR slut”

“YOUR bitch”

I slapped her ass, but I was reserved and still slightly nervous about hurting her, that would have killed me. Each time, however, she let out a shriek that I had not heard from her before…she liked it. She loved it. I hit her harder and harder as I fucked her. I pushed her head down into the pillow and put one over her head, shoving it down, her muffled moans escaping into the air. I pulled her hair and sank my teeth into her, waiting for her to tell me to stop…but she did not, she loved it.

She pulled me down to her ear and said so very sweetly, “Baaaabbbbyyy. Let me ask you a question. Is that all you’ve got?”

WHAT?!?!?! I couldn’t fucking believe what I had just heard. I raised my hand and leveled into her ass, now I wanted her to hurt. Don’t you fucking open your mouth to me like that you dirty cunt. Fuck you, how dare you antagonize me and think I won’t make you pay. I slapped over and over again until I was satisfied that she understood. Then…well…then I speared her so hard I thought I was going to break.

I squeezed her hips until I was sure that it was painful and slammed my cock into her full force, listening to her squeal and watching her writhe around beneath me. She was begging again…good…for me to give her what she needed. Show her that I wanted her. Show her that she satisfied me. Show her.

I grabbed the towel and cleaned up her back then I grabbed the camera to show her what her ass looked like. Let me please tell you that the picture doesn't do it justice, especially since you can’t see the other one. We lay back down and talked about what had just happened. She told me that she literally could not breathe when I choked her but that she was not afraid…she trusted me.

“I love you, P.”

“I love you, N.”

We got up and showered together before going out into the East Village to get to know New York. We had a good amount of time before the concert and I was just happy to be seeing that gorgeous city holding the hand of someone who finally cared about me.

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