Friday, October 24, 2008

Scents and Subtle Sounds

There are many subtle moments which occur in the world around us. Things that we miss and things we take for granted, small fragments of time which pass quickly if paid no mind. They are fleeting times when a look or sound can change everything. Much too difficult to explain, they exist out of sight and out of mind. Once noticed, however, they become moments of true beauty which never end. Catching these small glimpses of time will burn the image into your brain, leaving you forever changed. If you simply slow down, you can find them. Open your eyes and see for yourself.

If you would only start to live
One moment at a time
You would, I think, be startled
By the things that you would find

Like scents you never noticed
And many subtle sounds
Like colors in the landscape
And textures of the town

Then the winds would lift you up
Into the sky above
And you'd be treted to a view
Of everything you love

And if the moment passes
You should try it once again
For if you do it right
You'll find the moment never ends

If you would stop and notice that we number every day
But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away
You don't have count them, just enjoy them one by one
And things will take a different hue and sparkle in the sun

The winds will lift you into the sky

The winds will lift you into the sky above
Where you will see a trail of treasure, memories you love
A rainbow record of the thoughts, the moments you've enjoyed
Arcs behind the earth as spectral colors in the void
In the void

"Scents and Subtle Sounds" Phish

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