Monday, September 22, 2008

The Virgin

Wipe clean the slate. Start fresh. That is where we begin.

Do you remember the anticipation your first time? The knots in your stomach as your racing heart drowned out all inhibition. His breath was hot on your neck; he pushed his way inside your folds. It was painful, yet your mouth opened and you moaned. His hands roamed, unhindered by insecurity. You were his. In that moment you belonged to him.

Take that slate and wipe it clean.

Other eyes have gazed upon the same places mine will. Other hands have touched your body in the same places mine will. Other lips have left their soft wetness on you in the same places mine will. There have been others, but they have been erased.

No one has touched you like I will.

Words can never compare to actions, of this I am aware, but for now my words must suffice. I will take your virginity like it had never been given away. I am not interested in the shortcomings of your past, for I will wash them away. I am not interested in your insecurities, for you have nothing to fear. The time is fast approaching for me to show you what has been lacking.

You have never been taken.

You have never been touched by a man before in your life. The experiences you have do no justice to the way I will take you. I will be the first to enter you, and you will close around me with flustered excitement, knowing what’s to come. Look at me. Look me right in my blue eyes. Do not break our gaze.

The lack of fear in my eyes should tell you.

I am not afraid of this nor am I afraid of you. My slate is clear. No one has touched me. I am a virgin, waiting to have you rob me of it. We will redefine sex in each others eyes. You will see the way I look at you, knowing that no one has ever looked at you like this before. You will feel the way I touch you and know that I am the first. You will feel the way I fuck you and you will know…

…that I am the first and I am the last.

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