Thursday, September 25, 2008

Story Time Part 5

I am going to tell you a story.

This story is about a girl named Tobi. I met Tobi during my freshman year of college. She was two years older and much more mature than any girl I had known before. I don’t remember how we met, I was high a lot, but I do remember that night in the basement of 990 Dana. That was where it all began.

I was new to this town and I did not know a soul. I met and quickly fell in with a group of local kids so I was constantly out in the city, unlike most of my classmates. Tom lived in the room next to me and we became fast friends. He had me out every night showing me cool places, introducing me to new people and going to parties until all hours of the night. We were always with his older sisters and their friends, hanging out at their houses and sneaking into bars. That is how I met Tobi.

She was from Indian Hill, at the time I didn’t know why that was such a big deal, but it makes more sense now. She was always dressed to the T. She wore shoes that cost more than my entire outfit and drove a Range Rover. I had on dirty Vans and drove a Ford Escort. She was a snob, I knew it the first time I shook her hand, but I was drunk and overly confident. I had no idea the trouble I was getting myself into.

Tom and I were on fire at the beer pong table all night. We had it on lock down for a good two hours, which of course meant two hours of belligerent shit talking and shameless flirting…all depending on the gender of our opponents. Tobi and some unnamed snot stepped up to the table to take on Tom and myself. The game was half spent making fun of them and half spent flirting. I can still see the look on her face when we beat them, it was the first and last time I ever saw that look.

We ended up talking in the corner all night, me hitting on her shamelessly and her buying it…surprisingly. I never realized that this was just the beginning of her tactical and brutal decimation of your’s truly. She ended up taking me back to her place in Hyde Park (oddly enough it was two doors down from the deli I currently work at) and we sat on her stoop drinking wine until all hours of the night. We had been dancing around the one topic lingering in the air until she turned to me and knocked me off my ass.

“So are you going to take me inside and play with me or are you going to keep chattering away?”
My mouth was wide open but nothing came out. She stood up without looking at me and walked inside. I have not gotten up so quickly since.

She pushed me back onto the couch, making it very clear that it was her who was in control. She told me how much she loved my belt buckle as she took off my pants, exposing my hardness to the cool air. Holding it tightly in her hand she squeezed, forcing my precum down her hand, and then licked the mess up before swallowing me whole. I had been given head before, but not like this. She knew what she was doing, where to lick and how hard to squeeze. The girls in high school looked at it like it was a math test, but Tobi…she knew what she was doing.

I could feel the sensation building in my cock, “No no no no not yet, please GOD not yet,” I thought to myself. I could think of no better way to ruin my night with an older girl than to cum after getting blown for all of 5 minutes. As if she was reading my thoughts, or just feeling my leg start to shake, she took me out of her mouth and pushed me onto the floor. I was lying on my back as she stood up and took off her panties, lowering her pussy into my face. I was a little shocked by the fact that she was so forward about it, but by no means unhappy to have her shaved pussy grinding against my face.

She stayed in that position for long enough that my tongue started to hurt and her juices ran down my face, as if I had just bitten into a peach. She stood up, stepped back and without looking at me or saying anything she fell down onto my cock. She was up and down on it furiously; I was more concerned with the fact that I was fucking this girl without a condom on, that concern quickly dissolved. With one hand on her coffee table and the other on the couch she continued to pump me in and out of her. I had never had unprotected sex and was a mix of worry and pure pleasure, I never wanted to leave. Everything felt so much warmer, so much wetter and so much more sensitive. It was like seeing new colors.

I remember telling her that I couldn’t hold it in anymore so she sat down on me and played with her clit while my cock was speared deep inside of her. I could feel her muscles clamping and quivering around me as she came, never before had I felt that. Just as quickly as she stopped, she resumed her furious pace, moaning with increasing ferocity.

“Tobi, I’m going to cum.”

I said it at least five times, she did not even look at me, she just kept pounding away. I felt stream after stream of my cum shoot into her. As soon as my orgasm subsided, the feeling of total horror crept over me. I had just fucked a strange older girl with no condom on. She on the other hand did not seem to mind. Standing up and letting my cum coated dick fall back onto my chest, I will never forget the feeling of it dripping out of her onto my chest as she stepped over me.

That was the last time I would ever have sex with Tobi. Over the next three months she would manage to completely pussy whip me without so much as looking at my dick. I don’t know how she did it; I was completely taken by surprise. She would call me and ask me if I had weed, I would always say yes…I always did. I would come over and smoke her up, hoping that she would fuck me again but to no avail.

“Can’t we smoke just one more?”

I had no idea how badly I was being used. She and her friends would make fun of me constantly. Now I can take a joke and have a pretty twisted sense of humor, but these bitches were ruthless. I came over one night to smoke her up and hope for pussy and she had a fresh made batch of rice krispie treats covered in chocolate. I had a history test the next morning which I was only slightly prepared for so I told her that I couldn’t stay long. I sat there eating the large treat that she had cut me thinking that it really tasted strange. Within the next 30 minutes I was wondering why the weed was hitting me so hard and why they kept laughing me.

“You just ate roughly a quarter of mushrooms.”


“Those rice krispie treats had boomers in them.”

At that point it hit me like a fucking wrecking ball, the whole room started breathing. I thought I was going to fall down, never before had I been doped without my knowledge and I wasn’t really enjoying the experience. I took my pipe out of her hand and smashed it against the brick wall in her apartment, screaming in my tripped out daze. I ran out the door and so began the worst trip I have ever had.

I remember barely being able to keep my car in motion. It seemed like over ever sidewalk was a cliff calling me to fall. I was bugged out and completely tripped out of my mind. I can recall the lights in the lobby of the dorm and the people staring me as I walked in, looking like I had just walked out of Woodstock. I stared in the mirror that night for hours, watching my face change and distort. “She used me,” I thought, “I must not be used.” Over and over I repeated it…over and over.

I woke up the next morning and got a B+ on the test.

I never called Tobi again and I didn’t respond until she stopped calling me a month or so later. I saw her a few weeks ago at a party over on the west side. She looked as good as ever. She came over to talk to me, but I had since grown up. I had long ago forgotten about her, she however, had not forgotten about me. She looked genuinely pissed that it took me a second to remember her. She said that she was sorry about the mushroom incident five long years ago, “Eh, I got a B+ on the test anyways and the mushrooms were free, so I guess it all worked out.” She looked even more pissed. I told her I had to go outside and make a phone call and then promptly walked to the other side of the room and talked to my friends, simply so she could see that I blatantly lied to her. I could see the steam coming out of her ears.

The truth is that as much as I despise her for the way she treated me I was grateful for the lesson she taught me. I would never let a woman walk all over me again, maybe I would get my heart broken, but I would never be treated like that again. You know what, since that day, I never have been. She had effectively taught me the difference between a woman and a bitch, a user and a lover. I was never walked on again. Thanks Tobi.

I realized as I was leaving the party that she still had my damn Marlboro belt buckle.

Ah fuck it, I smoke Camels anyway.

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