Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On The Boiling Point

"Only he without sin can tell me if my means justify my ends" -Jay-Z

My fingers smelled like pussy when I woke up this morning; they still do right now as I'm writing this, in fact. You are already wondering who, aren't you? You are asking yourself, "Who did he fuck last night; the Girl on the Phone is in another state?" Well, she had been calling and texting for three days now, leaving particularly nasty voicemails with the aim of getting me to give in to her seductions. I had been putting them out of mind fairly easily until yesterday, when the frustration boiled over. I had so many mixed feelings about the whole situation; I knew if I was with her I would be thinking about another. I debated it all damn day long, I’ll be honest when I say that reading sex blogs on the time clock didn’t exactly help. In the end I decided to wait her out, she would call…she always calls.

I was on the phone with a friend a few hours later, drinking a High Life and smoking a bowl when the call came in. She didn’t say much…

“Are you free?” She asked.

“That depends on what for.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m on the phone.”

“With who?” She was always asking too many questions.

“Do you want to come over or do you want to ask stupid questions?”

“Two hours ok?”

“That’s fine, I have to get pretty,” I said as I hung up the phone. By get pretty I meant, “I need a few more beers.”

I told my friend I had to go and I walked outside to smoke a cigarette, “Why am I doing this?” You are doing it because you sit there all fucking day thinking about a girl you can’t touch, taste, see or smell. You are doing it because you have had blue balls for the past two weeks. You’re doing it because ever since you lost your cunt of a girlfriend you have had the worst sex life you have had in 8 years. You are doing it because you need to get laid, so divorce your pussy feelings from your cock and get off.

Besides, you will still love the one you want when you’re done.

I had time; I took a shower and just stood there, the ice cold water running down my back. When I stepped out my teeth were chattering and my lips were blue, I stood there looking at the stranger in the mirror…he just stared back and smirked. The cold shower didn’t help, I felt myself growing in my towel as I thought about what I would do to her. The things floating in my head were vile, sinister thoughts. Things I shouldn’t be thinking about, fucking in ways that might scare you, shit, they scare me. I just kept thinking to myself, “Be careful, she doesn’t know what you are.” Where is this shit coming from? I drank one final beer and walked out to smoke a cigarette, she was pulling in as I opened the door.

There has never been a time when we exchanged a hello kiss, this time was no different. I made her gin and tonic and we sat down on the couch, “So, I haven’t talked to you in a while,” she finally said. “I know, my head has been a bit turned about lately,” I told her. “I still care about you, you know?” “That’s why I haven’t called; I’m in love with someone else.”

“I know.”

I told her that my heart belongs to someone else; she said that she didn’t mind. I told her that my cock belongs to someone else; she said she just wanted to borrow it. I nodded that it was ok, I was already hard…her hand moved to my crotch…I moaned.

She put the tip in her mouth and sucked it; I moaned…it had been too long. She responded to my moans, forcing it into the back of her throat with fervor. When she pulled it back out there was a line of spit connected from her mouth to the tip of my cock. I talk about that with Girl on the Phone constantly and from that moment onward there was another woman on my mind the entire time she went to work on me.

She licked, sucked and stroked it like it was the only cock in the world, she was like an animal. She was furiously pumping up and down my shaft and I could feel the tingling beginning in my ass. “If you keep doing that, I’m goi--,” she responded by taking her hand and cupping my balls, knowing full well that was going to get my load in her mouth. I closed my eyes and I saw her face, wondering what it would look like with her lips around my hardness. I heard her voice call my name in the back of my head and I felt myself let go. I put my hand on the back of her head and shoved it down into my lap, squirting the beginning of a massive dose of cum into her throat. I let go and she sucked it like she needed my orgasm for survival. I bit my lip, “don’t scream her name,” I repeated over and over in my head. I laid my head back on the couch as she sucked the last bit out of me, “Let’s get high,” she said, pulling my cock out of her mouth…she didn’t have any weed.

I was naked the entire time we smoked the blunt, I kept leaning over to pull out and suck on her tits while blowing smoke in her face (I’m always the asshole) until she finally grabbed me by my once again hard cock and squeezed it until I thought it was going to pop. “Listen you little fuck don’t think that--,” SMACK. Holy shit, she is staring straight at me I can’t tell if she is pissed or turned on, I just slapped her across the face…I didn’t think I had it in me.

“You’re lucky…very lucky that I haven’t had you inside me yet or I would get my shit and leave right now.”

“What shit, you’re wearing everything you brought with you.”

With that she pulled her shirt over her head and slipped out of her already undone bra. I reached over and undid the button on her jeans, unzipping them ever so slowly while letting my pinky finger pull down the top of her red panties. She had just shaved; I leaned in to lick what my finger had exposed to the light, she shivered. I stood up and forcefully grabbed her hand, leading her to my bed. I shoved her down, yanking her pants off and spreading her legs until her hips popped. I slid into her with a force that knocked my clock off my headboard…it has been too long. I closed my eyes and slipped into another world, into another’s arms. It was wrong, but that is exactly why it felt so good.

Fucking her missionary is her favorite, but that isn’t why she came over…she stood up, shoving her pussy in my face before turning back around and dropping to all fours. She shook her ass and I smacked it with enough force that today she texted me to say she had an imprint on it. She whimpered and I stuffed myself back into her, feeling my legs go jelly as I pushed my full length into her. I started talking evil to her as I fucked her. She looked back at me, clearly frightened at what was coming out of my mouth…frankly so was I. I fucked her relentlessly, my pelvis hurts from it today, I fucked her like she had been torturing me for months. I fucked her like I hated her.

Then again, it wasn’t her that I was fucking at all. I was fucking someone who was hundreds of miles away.

I used her when I pulled her hair back and called her a slut. I used her when I bit into her shoulder. I used her when I squeezed her sides. I flat out used her and she got off on it. I masturbated using her body, plain and simple…like it or not.

“I need to cum, slut.”

“Then cum.”

“It isn’t your’s, bitch”

“You know I like being a slut.”

I flipped her over and pushed in the last few nearly painful thrusts before pulling out and shooting all over her chest, stomach, neck and chin. She rubbed it in, licking her hands and greedily eating what was left over. I threw her a T-shirt to clean up, pulled on my mesh shorts and walked outside, lighting a cigarette. She came out a minute later and said goodnight.

“Goodnight, Jen,” I muttered as she walked away. I sat there staring as she drove away, flipping me off as she went.

My neighbor Anne came out shortly after, “You look like hell,” she said snidely.

“Meaningless sex will do that to you.” I knew she heard us fucking, she lives right above me. We didn’t say another word, just sat there watching the smoke from our cigarettes drift away into the hot night air.

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