Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Story Time Part 4

I'm going to tell you a story. I have owed you this story for a few weeks now and the procrastination is finally over. I forgot about it until I read Unbroken's pizza place post, I had to get in on the pizza action. This story is about a girl named Angie...and one named Megan. I met the two of them when I was 17 and I worked at a pizza place called Rocky Rococo's in a suburb of Milwaukee. They 19 and were both shift managers and therefore my superiors. They were also bisexual and dating each other and I was a horny 17 year old skateboarding stoner.

Originally I worked at the bakery next door, I worked long hours after school sometimes until one or two in the morning, but other nights we got out early. The kids at Rocky's were all from my grade school or the other ones in the area, so we had all grown up together. On the nights we got out early we would sit in the alley behind our respective stores while we skateboarded, listened to music and got high in the cool summer evening air. Those were some of the best nights of my life. A few weeks later Angie got me a job at Rocky's, I was sick of the 3 years I had put in at the bakery since I was 14 working crap hours and I needed a change. I had just bought my first car and was developing my taste for bourbon albeit with Coke in those days (now considered a cardinal sin), I didn't have a care in the world.

Within the first two months of working there I had made out with, fingered, got head from or slept with all but three female employees in our store (Angie, Megan and our 45 year old head manager), the place was a veritable fuck fest. We drank on our shifts, got stoned in the walk in cooler and fucked on our breaks in the back of the store: everyone was fucking everyone else in that store. We all went out together and spent many nights camping out by some of the lakes just west of the city. It was weird but for that summer the 15 or so kids who worked there were like family.

I always wanted Angie, we would flirt constantly and make out in the walk in cooler, trouble was that she was dating Megan, who was supremely jealous...or so I thought. I was constantly telling Megan, while intoxicated, that I was in love with her girlfriend. Most of the time she just ignored me or rubbed it in that she was fucking Angie and not me. First a little more back story.

When the girls would close the store down, we would often sit in the back (out of view from the front windows) and drink or get high. Normally it was a bunch of us, but one night it was just Angie, Megan and myself sitting in the back booth getting high. They were asking me about one of the cashiers who I had fucked a week or so earlier. I said, "I didn't fuck her, she fucked me," and they laughed and asked for details. I told them that she had asked me to cum on her face, in response Megan said, "You can cum on my face." I started laughing, thinking she was kidding, but they both sat there and just stared at me.

"Jerk off for us," Angie finally said.


"Jerk off for us," Megan repeated.


"Right here," they added simultaneously.

You might have to tell me twice, but three times...no. I took out my cock and started stroking myself, Angie put her arm around me and Megan leaned across the table to watch. Megan said that she had never seen a guy cum before, that they had made her cum but she never returned the favor. I can assure you, it didn't take me long. She told me to stand up and shoot it across the table, I happily complied, streaming out my load onto the floor and table. They were both giddy and making out telling me I had a pretty cock. Believe me, that shit does wonders for your self esteem.
Now, the next few weeks were fucking confusing as hell. Almost every shift they would grab my ass, put their hands down my pants and drag me into the walk in cooler to make out. Then afterwards they would leave me with a hard on and go fuck at one of their apartments. Now like I said, I was confused as shit. One minute I thought they were lesbians, the next they were telling me they wanted to fuck me. Megan had never been with a man more than letting guys at Rocky's eat her out for hours on end at our lake shore parties, she had never even touched a dick. Angie had been with a guy for three years before her and Megan hooked up but she claimed she liked girls more than boys. I was 17, horny and fucking anything with two legs and a cunt, shit I would have fucked someone with just a cunt...legs or not.
This frustration of wanting to rail the shit out of both of them was beginning to boil over. One night at the lake I drank an incredible amount of bourbon and spilled all my frustrations out to them. We talked and I think they genuinely cared about how I felt and that I was upset. When they took me home later that night, after dropping off Megan, Angie leaned in, kissed me and said, "We were only teasing honey, I'm sorry we got you worked up." I went to bed pondering just what the hell that actually meant.
The next shift I worked wasn't for a few days and for the first time in a while I hadn't seen either of the two of them. Work was kind of tense, probably because I made it that way, but they were sweet, giving me little brushes on the ass or standing really close to me. My head was swimming so I went out for a smoke trying to get my head out of the clouds. All I kept thinking was that I couldn't believe that they were doing it again, knowing I could not willingly resist my urges. I was pissed for the rest of the shift trying, unsuccessfully, to fight off their advances.
"Dude, what the fuck," I asked as they locked the place up. "I thought I said to stop-" I was interrupted by Angie, mid speech, sticking her tongue into my mouth and pulling me in close. Megan locked the door and came over, reaching her hand into my pants and wrapping it around my always hard cock...I shivered. "Let's go to Megan's house," Angie interjected...I could only nod. I sat in the back of the two door Ford Focus while they fingered each other in the front going down the highway, I had my cock out and was stroking it, making a precummy mess on my hand.
We burst into Megan's apartment and Angie pulled off her top as soon as the door closed, she was curvy and had a wonderfully toned body. Megan immediately went to her girlfriends round tits and started sucking, I walked over next to them and sucked on the other one, Angie laid down. I could wait no longer, I slid my hand down inside Angie's waistband but Megan grabbed my wrist and stopped me, "Wait...she is mine, I'm only letting you borrow her." I nearly came when I heard those words, she let go of my wrist and I heard Angie sigh as my hand met her wetness. Megan pulled Angie's panties and sweatpants off and we each went for one of her legs and began to kiss our ways down to her pussy. I made out with her as she placed my hand on Angie's pussy, I broke her kiss and my mouth found her, she groaned.
I felt Angie getting more and more worked up as I trailed my tongue around her pussy while Megan kissed her thighs. I felt a hand in my pants again, spreading my mess around, she went down and freed me from my zipper, taking me into her mouth. It felt good to know that I was the first cock she had ever tasted, so it was easy to overlook the bad job she was doing, besides I was 17 and getting naked on the floor with two older lesbians, what fucking more could I reasonably ask for?
We got totally naked and all climbed onto each other kissing and sucking on the piece of flesh nearest to our faces, I was eating pussy, sucking on breasts and making out with the whoever was in my face. One minute I felt a mouth on my cock, then a hand, then another mouth, I couldn't keep track, it felt amazing. I remember them cumming and shoving their pussies in my face for me to lick them clean. At one point I was laying on my side sucking on Angie's clit while Megan straddled me and rubbed her pussy up and down my ribs and side. Her juices were running down my chest and back while Angie's were covering my face. Eventually they pushed me onto my back and both crawled between my spread legs, Angie put my cock in her mouth and Megan whispered, "This is for teasing you."
They took turns running their lips up and down my cock, switching off flawlessly so that the pleasure never ceased. They were running their nails up and down my stomach, legs and ass, forcing my cock deeper into whichever of them was sucking me at the time. When Angie started deep throating me while Megan sucked on my balls I uttered, "I'm gonna cum." She only jammed my cock further into her mouth as I let loose the pent up cum that I had been saving for them. I pumped in and out of her mouth until I was finished and then collapsed back down onto the floor. I rolled over and lit up a cigarette as they crawled up my body, each resting a head on either one of my shoulders. I was in heaven, probably the happiest I had been in my life up to that point, we laid there for a while, basking in the afterglow of our cumming.
They each gave me a kiss as I got out of Megan's Focus, I was walking on air. I laid down on my bed and jerked off two more times before going to bed, I couldn't stop running the event through my mind.
Eventually my stoner ass got fired along with most of the other kids who worked there and our summer of fun was over. I saw Angie about 3 years ago at Summerfest (the eternal "meet people you haven't seen in years" spot) and we talked for a while, sitting on the lakefront smoking Camels.
"So, you still smoke menthol, huh Ang?"
"You still look at me like a kid, but something has changed."
"I still think about you, I hope you know."
"I do, I knew you would."
"So you've been thinking about me too, I see?"
"Hard not to go back to that summer."
We talked for a while before her friends started to wonder where she was, she gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking off into the night to disappear in the crowd. Her perfume hung on the air momentarily before a lake breeze carried it away. I lit another cigarette and walked back into the sea of people to meet back up with my friends. All I could think about was that summer, that wonderful summer...it was the best one I've ever had.
Edit: I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my editor so forgive the lack of spaces in between paragraphs I can't fucking fix it

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