Friday, June 13, 2008

What one does while at work

Thinking about her arrival tonight, its only been a month. It shouldn't be this bad. I can almost taste her. I'll admit I have been reading posts of a very naughty woman known to the horny blog world as A. Secret. All I have to say is holy shit and oops I came in the urinal again at work. This is straight up lust, plain and simple, and nothing more. The flood waters have been rising and the levee has been struggling to hold them back. In about one hour and forty five minutes the flood will be on...gushing...oozing...spraying. I already told her to be naked, spread and eager when I get home from work. I'll watch the speedometer climb past 90 and keep going, putting myself and others at risk all to satisfy the thing that burns between my legs. I trimmed up last night and came on the phone with her, but it is never enough. I need to feel her tightening around me, shaking. I have to get out of this building. One thing is certain.

When the clock strikes 4:59:59, I'm going to punch the time clock so hard it breaks

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