Friday, June 20, 2008

Story Time Part 1

I’m going to tell you a story.

This story is about a girl named Jess. I met Jess right around this time of the summer last year. She was 9 years older than me and she lived exactly 475.3 miles away from me. I know because I work in trucking, so did she. We met on the phone at the beginning of June, I was in need of a truck and ended up calling her parent’s trucking company out of sheer coincidence.

Something you need to understand about the trucking business is that there are people who have freight and there are people who have trucks. Basically what we do all fucking day is try to match the two up, negotiate rates between both parties and then make sure everything goes smoothly. Simple enough, right? Yeah, that’s what you would think. I had the freight and she had the trucks, I guess that was where it all began. Funny to think that it began in the same place it ended, putting package into box. HA.

We began talking almost daily, I would help her look for loads for her trucks and she would refer me to other companies who could get moves done for me. This is a brutal business if the only friends you have are the ones who share your parking lot, so me and her becoming friends was encouraged by my superiors. It started off being just emails about business, then about business and how I was, and then the business shit just straight dropped off. We would talk on the phone trading insults and zingers back and forth and talk about how we would like to meet each other and have a beer and get high. Soon those phone calls turned in a very different direction.

We started calling each other after hours on our personal phones; I could hear her kids in the background. What the hell am I doing? Who cares, its fun. This internal debate had been going on for a month. We talked about how badly we wanted each other, how badly we wanted to fuck, how badly she didn’t want her husband to find out. Shit, what am I doing? It was struggle enough to hide all the text messages and heavy-breathing phone calls from my girlfriend who I didn’t live with, I could only imagine how it was for her. At one point we decided that we wanted each other, so we decided to meet halfway at a Best Western. Mother fucking Best Western, can you believe that shit?

Now here’s the trick, something I didn’t think about before springing into my Ford Escort and hitting I-74 westbound, I had never seen her before. I’m not an asshole and I don’t judge people based on looks, but I remember thinking if she didn’t have all of her teeth I am walking out the door and driving straight back home. After a few hours in the car I made it to our Best Western and walked in the door, she was already waiting in room 217, I won’t forget that number. I knocked on the door and thought I was going to pass out from my nerves. What am I doing here?

As she opened the door I noticed that she was not the Playboy model that I had expected her to be. I am such an idiot. She was a little shorter than me and quite a bit larger…quite a bit. She was also beautiful, her eyes were like none I had ever seen before and her hair was golden blonde. I really didn’t know what to do, so I just walked up and started making out with her. She did not resist.

Clothes came off in a rush and we climbed into the hotel bed, but we stopped our lust for a minute. “Nice to meet you, by the way,” I said, “I’ve needed this for a long time,” she replied. I felt her hand wrap around me and I let out a gasp, it had been almost a year since anyone but M had touched me, it was a shockingly different sensation. I was no longer wondering what we were therefore. She was here to get fucked by a kid who graduated college a few months before, or so I thought. I was there to fuck a married woman, and see just how wrong it felt, and how good. I did not care one bit. There was no foreplay our first time and as I rolled on top of her and my body melted into her much bigger one I knew why I came. I felt myself pushing into her extreme wetness and put my head down in her chest, sucking on her massive tits. She moaned and started to get worked up almost instantly, “I haven’t been fucked in so long,” she whispered. I could tell; she was cumming almost instantly. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her deeper than I thought I would be able to go. I wasn’t lasting long, I couldn’t help it, I was as stiff and sensitive as I had been in the past year and it felt immaculate. “I’m about to cum…Jess…ohhh…I’m about to cum,” I grunted, I tried to pull out to shoot my streams on her stomach but she redoubled up her grip on my ass and would not let me out. “I need to feel you cum inside me,” she wasn’t taking no for an answer, I couldn’t help it. I released inside her, I could feel her cunt milking me, sucking out every last drop out of me. She had two kids and the muscles inside of her worked me like I had never felt before, I shot stream after stream into her. The feeling was exquisite, pure ecstasy, plain and simple. I rolled off of her and watched my cum bubble and drip out of her onto the hotel sheets.

Now let me just stop the story here for a minute and tell you that fat sex is fucking AMAZING. Call me immature if you wish but if you have never tried it, you need to do it, immediately. Every body is beautiful; you just have to appreciate it for what it is.

We smoked some weed and drank wine, interrupting our relaxation every hour or so to fuck, within four hours I probably came in her five times. What was I doing? Again the question came pouring back into my mind. Every time the doubt came to me, it was like she knew because she would take me in her mouth. She sucked on me so differently than M, every aspect and feeling changed when I was in her mouth. She was softer and acted like she needed it for survival. She would hold me in the back of her throat for an eternity, trying to swallow the whole thing. When I came she slid her lips up and down me relentlessly, pumping my load out of me. By the next morning I had none left to give her.

We ate breakfast at Bob Evans the next morning after two more rounds. I started to feel the usual regret I feel when my dick gets soft and I realize I have just cheated on M again. She told me not to feel guilty, that I had actually given something she needed, self affirmation. She wanted me to tell her she was beautiful, she wanted me to suck on her, to look at her with lust; she wanted me to violate her and to make her cum. I thought about that on the highway back towards Cincinnati, she tried to call and I didn’t answer. In the coming two weeks she would tell me that she was in love with me and wanted to leave her husband, I stopped answering her calls. She would send me emails and texts for a while, but when I changed jobs and lost my phone, she became a memory. I don’t have much else memory of that weekend other than the conversation I had with M when I got back.

“How was the business trip, honey?”
“It was ok.”
“Did you get the business?”
“Nope, it was close, I was outbid.”

A brief afterward:
I’m sorry that this story was so long, you must understand that I have never told this to anyone, ever. You are the first to hear it. It is unedited, not proofread, not even reread. I typed this and posted it. I had to tell someone, it was eating me alive. Thanks for listening.

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