Monday, February 16, 2009

Atlantic City Diamonds.

I was in town on business. Or at least that was the story.

The flight was scheduled to arrive at 10:30; she said she needed a few minutes to get ready so pick her up at quarter till. My suit fit a little tighter than the last time I had worn it; I flicked my cigarette, tightened my tie and took off my coat as I walked into the hotel lobby.

“I have reservations.”

I threw my jacket on the bed and stood surveying the room. I stared at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth; a different man stared back at me with icy blue eyes.

It had always been a forbidden fantasy, something hidden away from the world…lest they see me as a deviant. The foul things hidden in the depths of my subconscious had been beckoned back to life. I had been in the grips of temptation before but valiantly I had resisted. I had pushed back the filth and sin, hiding it from the light and keeping it from reality.

This time was different.

She named her price, half up front, half after, plus the cost of travel. I deliberated for days, weighing the risks and consequences to no end. What to do…what to do? She sold herself like I sell my business: professional, methodical…efficient. She was devious; pulling things from me that had never been given words before. I was a tough sell.

“If you don’t like what you get you don’t have to pay the other half,” she said, “but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.” I realized that the angel on my shoulder was making his last stand, trying to hard to keep me from the abyss. It was too late…my mind had been made up.

“Deal. I want high heels, knee high stockings and a short dress with your tits spilling out the top.”


My stomach was in my throat as I pulled out of the hotel parking lot, I reached for my phone:

how will i know it is you?

black coat red stripe.

blue nissan.

be out in 15 minutes.


I circled the terminal, passing under the sign reading "Arrivals/Baggage Claim"; I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I drove past the hugging couples and elated parents, their kids home from school, before I spotted her standing by the trash can. She was as advertised. I pulled up. She started toward the car. I didn’t get out. She asked if it was me. I replied an affirmative.

Her perfume hit me as she climbed into the car, I couldn’t look at her at first…Lord knows I didn’t know what to say. I awkwardly said hello, she replied with the confidence of a queen.

Fuck was she hot.

Few words were spoken, but the glances were piercing…I felt the growth in my pants. She told me to pay her when we got to the room. She told me that anything goes; there were only three rules:

Don’t spit in my face.

Don’t slap my face.

Don’t you dare kiss me.

“Break any of the three rules and I’m gone, you got it?” I understood clearly.

She sat smoking in my passenger’s seat, an air of self-assurance surrounding her. Her coat was buttoned up and her stockings were pulled up to her knees. I instructed her to open her coat and let me see what I paid for. She reminded me that her sole purpose was me. Besides, I was paying for it; she did not come all this way to disappoint.

The dress was trashy, green with rhinestones below the breast line. It was short and tight, as requested her tits spilled out the top. She reached over and felt the bulge swelling in my pants. I did not touch her. I only looked. She dipped her fingers inside her panties, withdrawing them and holding them to my lips. She tasted sweet.

I took a deep breath and as the door shut behind us I exhaled deeply, I still didn’t know what to say. I told her to take off her coat and I stood there staring at her. I had gotten what I asked for. I gave her the money and she told be to sit down in the chair she had positioned in front of the full length mirror on the wall. Before I could react I was out of my clothes sitting in the chair looking in the mirror at her back as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had never been with a woman like this; she pulled on me hungrily, earning her wage to the best of her abilities. My eyes rolled back into my skull as I let my senses take over.

After a moment I grabbed her by the shoulders and stood her up, taking off her slutty dress before tossing her onto the bed like a rag doll. She bounced onto the mattress, staring at me like I was an animal. I told her I wanted a professional to teach me something. I put my tongue to her clit and worked it up and down slowly, with a firm surface. She reacted ever so slightly as my fingertips traced from her knees to her pelvis via her thighs. I saw her neck crane in pleasure.

“Oh sugar…you don’t need any lessons.”

I felt my licking and sucking becoming more urgent as I rammed four fingers into her. “She is used to this,” I thought, “She can take it.” I looked up to see her staring down at me, there was a look in her eyes. It almost seemed real, but I knew the hunger was not for me…it was for my money.

“Sugar, I need you inside of me.”

I pushed in raw, and against my better judgment I was fucking a whore without a condom. She told me she was clean but how was I to know? Maybe that was half the fun…the risk. It was so unlike the love I made to my girlfriend. There were only sounds and sensations. I felt the sex act reduced to a simple economic function, devoid of emotion. Currency to be traded and bartered, an exchange of goods and services. I pounded into her, feeling her nails dig into my back as her teeth sank into my shoulder. The pain ran through me, mixing with the pleasure to complete the cycle.

At once she was on top of me, slamming herself down onto me, but in one violent instant she stopped and stared at me. “This isn’t why you hired me is it?” I told her she was right. “You hired me to do things to you that you are ashamed to admit to the world, things you’re ashamed to want and things you’re ashamed to love.” She was right…as much as I didn’t want to admit it she was right.

I didn’t know what she was doing as she told me to roll onto my side, relax and shut my eyes. I heard the familiar sound of a bottle of lube squirting out onto her hand. My mind raced, I didn’t know what was happening and then I felt it.

Violating, disgusting, wrong, vile and sinister.

She pushed in a bit further as I regained some control of my muscles. What was happening? I looked down to see the line of precum extending from the tip of my throbbing cock down to the comforter. I rolled over and she put me into her mouth, it was a sensation I will never forget. I felt her becoming more urgent as she violated me. Soon insults were flying out of her mouth, degrading me and making me feel hollow. She cut me to the core with her words and I liked it…no, I loved it.

At once she was on top of me, the toy still in my ass. I felt disgusting, I was ashamed, I felt like a faggot and a queer. She assured me that she thought the same way.

“What kind of a man pays a woman to do these things to him, huh?”

“What kind of a man begs to be fucked in the ass while he cock is being worked by my pussy, huh?”

“Disgusting vile piece of shit, you make me sick.”

I remember the animal taking over; I could feel it in my eyes. I pulled her hair back to the point that I knew it hurt, she squealed and I quickly choked it out with my hand clenching her throat. She gasped for air as I studied her reaction, letting go as it flooded her lungs. She stared back at me, the fight fresh in her eyes. I reminded her that she was mine I had paid her to do what I wanted. She complied, redoubling her efforts up and down on my cock.

I felt it building slowly in my legs, every insult and slur only egging me on. It was coming faster; I clenched harder and pulled her hair back mercilessly. She begged for it, just like a whore would, I pulled out and she rushed to my cock. Wave after wave of cum shot into her throat, she tried to pull back but I only shoved her down onto it harder. I had paid for this and I was going to get what I paid for. She made choking sounds as I felt myself coming down.

I pushed her off of me, suddenly disgusted with what I had just done. I did not touch or look at her as I stepped in to the bathroom; I gazed into the mirror seeing the same unfamiliar figure staring back at me with his icy blue eyes.

I ran the water warm and let it collect in the sink before splashing it onto my face. I pushed the lever and watched the liquid spiral down the drain along with the man I had just been.

I entered the bedroom to find someone completely different lying naked under the covers. I walked up to her and gave her a long kiss before pulling away to survey the change from whore to lover. I stared into her big brown eyes and leaned into kiss her again, lingering a little longer than normal to take in her scent.

“Is the game over, “she asked?

“That’s why I’m kissing you, dumb ass.”

I climbed into her arms, taking note of the difference between the hooker who was there minutes earlier and the woman I was now loving. Our game ended and I had finally gotten the part I was waiting for all along. The build up was raw and sexual but I knew the release would be sweet and intimate. Simple, effortless and natural:

I was again in the arms of my girlfriend, my woman and my love.

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