Monday, February 09, 2009

Things I've Left Unsaid

Sometimes we put ourselves into extraordinary situations, situations in which none could reasonably be expected to thrive. There is a struggle in our minds that is understood by us alone. There is a secret frustration, subtle but constant, lurking in the shadows, one that never fully emerges and never quite takes shape. Out of your grasp, it seems so elusive, yet you reach nonetheless. A panic grips, I see it in your eyes. I know it well, for I have seen it in my own.

Do you think that for a moment that fear can subside? Or is there a point when it takes over and never relinquishes control? Did you consider the importance of this battle? No one’s fear ever dies, no man is fearless, but to let fear reign is to fall defeated and ashamed.

Where red meets white I finally realized what I was looking at, I understand what I see. Imperfect yet not in the same regard. Strong yet vulnerable, just like me. There are things in our heads that tell us what to do. Words that do nothing other than complicate the mind and create a fog. A spinning circle that will never let us go. We are ordinary, just like everyone.

In the end though we are not. Ordinary is my greatest fear, it keeps me up at night. I know that I am not ordinary and that being said, neither are you. This is an extraordinary situation, ordinary people would not thrive.

But you and I, my dear, are far from ordinary.

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