Friday, January 09, 2009

The Mistakes We Make In Haste

As many of you know I work at a trucking company. What you may not know is that we do a lot more than just trucking; one of our big accounts involves hundreds of ocean containers a year. Now, dealing with said “conts” (as we call them) brings in a good amount of money so we don’t mind the intense hassle of dealing with the Port Authority, Homeland Security and scores of other people involved with each move. There are 15 people copied on each “cont” email, myself and some very important people included. There is one woman who sends out the notifications that the conts are ready, she copies all the important players and sends out the info.

Now, she has been sending these emails for months and I have never noticed anything strange about them until today, when I open my inbox to see an email from her with the subject line of:


I imagine that her conversation with her nearest coworker went something like this.

“Um, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t spell check subject lines, does it?”

“No, why?”

Dear Bill Gates,

You may want to consider adding a spell check feature for the subject lines of your Outlook email program.



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