Thursday, January 15, 2009

Down The Shitter: The Rolex

I spent all day yesterday driving around Cincinnati making sales calls in the freezing cold. Some places I had appointments and some I just walked in their back door. I was escorted out of one place by a guard, but had success at most of them. My sales manager was relentless, sending me in to places with security details and gates, at one point following in a truck as the gate was closing. We worked hard, got some good leads and got kicked out of a few places; all in all it was a productive day.

One of the few I’ve had here.

Well that really doesn’t give me the credit I deserve, I am good at my job…I might fucking despise every minute of it, but I’m good at it. So yesterday, when I got home to my High Life before going to my second job I was feeling pretty good about going to work today.

So this morning the manager and I go downstairs to report to the owner and his son about our work yesterday. There was nothing positive said the entire forty fucking five minutes I sat in that conference room. They talked shit about where we went, who we saw, what we told them, when we went and every other fucking little thing they could think of. They gave it to the manager pretty well, saying he had not done shit for them lately and that our fleet of trucks was bleeding money like a fucking hemophiliac with gunshot wound. In the past few months they have taken away vacation days, paid sick days and bonuses. These are the things any normal company would do in hard times, but there are a few things that really get me about this ownership.

My coworkers and I receive shit pay (one hasn’t had a raise in 13 years), bad attitudes and insults about the work we try very hard to do right. And yeah, I’m well aware that hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing the same frustration, so spare me whatever lecture you had for me. There is so much infighting here that has been going on for years and it makes it impossible for the business to thrive. Stubborn operations people, stubborn owners, stubborn drivers and stubborn salesmen are just going to drive this company into the ground. Whatever, like I said, hundreds of thousands of other people that I don’t give a flying fuck about are having the same problems. I’m not all that special or different.

But while sitting in that conference room being chewed out all I could think about was how much blood would come from the owner if I stabbed him in the neck with my pen. I sat there for those forty five minutes and listened to them talk about how we are losing money and salaries are going to have to be cut and layoffs are going to have to happen and blah blah fucking shut up.

You know what.

Look at you, fair ownership. How about that new Lexus you just bought your wife, or the new Saleen Mustang you bought yourself, or how about that fucking huge speedboat, or the new Harley-Davidson. So concerned about when we will make you millionaires, maybe you should look at the thousandaires who work under you, or maybe the fucking hundredaire who works fucking seventy plus hours a week so he can afford his impending kidney stone surgery. Or how about you let us see the fucking books, huh?

“You know we just can’t afford two salesmen anymore.”

Translation: One of you two fucks is going to get fired soon.

You see why I’m so fucking pissed off now? You know that whole time he sat there giving that lecture I nodded my head and looked at the table. I didn’t defend myself, I’ll come bitch on my blog where I’m always right and no one can tell me otherwise, or I’ll just delete the fucking comment. You know, I sat there like the little bitch I am, nodding my head like a fucking retard, “Yes sir,” “Oh I understand sir,” “Well we’re trying sir,” when what I should have said was…

“So you’re wondering why this company keeps losing money? Look me in the eye and tell me something, if we are losing so much money…how the hell did you afford that $15,000 Rolex watch on your wrist?”

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