Monday, December 08, 2008

Rush Hour Part 2

“Here we go again.”

First off, let’s just get one thing straight, I was not late…she was early.

I got on the freeway, hit the gas and lit another cigarette. I had easily gone through half pack in the four hours I had been awake and cleaning. I felt the butterflies starting as I crossed the river, knowing that next time I crossed it she would be in the passenger seat.

I hung up the phone and changed the music as I took exit 4B for the airport. I felt something stirring in my pants as I threw the last cigarette out, passing under the sign reading “Arrivals / Baggage Claim.”

“Holy shit,” I thought, “here we go again.”

There she was, she stood out in her big furry coat and yellow scarf. She looked like a New Yorker in a crowd of hillbillies, but just like I remembered…she looked good. I got out and she was instantly in my arms again, God how long I waited for that. Her lips were exactly like I remembered; she looked up slightly as I kissed her.

“Ok enough, we have to get going,” I said as I pushed her back, heading for the car door.

It was eternally hard to keep from speeding on the highway headed back into town. Although, I figured that if I scared the shit out of her there would be no chance of fucking the shit out of her…I figured I could wait a few. I glanced over to see the look of lust heavy in her eyes as her hand began creeping across the armrest and into my lap. I rose up to meet her touch and I pushed my cock over to her side, holding up my fingers for her to lick the precum off of.

Within seconds her head was in my lap bobbing up and down on me. It was right around noon, traffic was heavy and I’m sure the people behind me were wondering why her head kept disappearing and then reappearing. My hand was in her pants, spreading around the wetness along her lips. She lifted up and slid her jeans and panties down to her knees.

I had this moment in my head for two months, ever since this day and it was finally happening. The faint idea of revenge crossed my mind as I remembered her tormenting me as I jerked off in heavy traffic on a sunny day. We were in rush hour together, but this time I wasn’t bobbing and weaving through traffic. She put her seat back and started rubbing her clit as I kept pace in the left lane. Surprisingly it became increasingly difficult to keep my eyes on the road and not on my passenger seat.

North of downtown, five exits to go.

I had one hand on the wheel and one on my cock as we passed the Reading Rd exit. I saw a truck coming up in the center lane, no way to get around him now…but no way I was going to stop her. He was going to see. I pulled past the back half of the truck, thinking about passing him quickly, but I changed my mind at the last second. I paused by the tractor for a good five seconds, this time I was delivering the show he wanted to see.

“You fucker, you’re slowing down so they can see.”


She closed her eyes and went back to what she was doing, less than concerned about the show I was putting on. With one mile to the exit she put her seat back up and leaned over the arm rest again, sucking on me as we got off the freeway.

“You had better sit up now; we’re driving through the hood.”

I turned into the shortcut for my street as she took my cock back into her hand and squeezed. I had my right hand in her lap; she was getting wetter by the second. I showed her my alma mater as we passed by but she seemed fixated on something else. She leaned into my lap, licking the tip of my cock for a second when we stopped in my parking lot. I pushed her off and grabbed her bag out of the back seat.

“We need to get in my bed, now.”

Fumbling with the locks on both doors, I dropped her bag as soon as we walked in. She was in my arms the moment it closed; I started taking her shirt off as we walked down the hall. The fabric continued to fall and I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and to be waiting for me. I let the sink run for a second as I stood there catching my breath. I ran my hand through my hair, grinned and walked back into my bedroom. She was naked, spread and lying on my bed as I had imagined constantly since the moment I started talking to her.

I took off my boxers as she stared with lust in her eyes, I couldn’t have gotten into bed faster.

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