Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Give Me

Give me a face to punch, a throat to choke or a skull to crush. Give me pushing, shoving, screaming, punching, kicking, clawing and biting. Give me a knife, gun, bat, bomb or club. Give me my two fists, give me violence. Give me clenched teeth, blood red eyes and strained foreheads. Give me a scapegoat, a pawn and a fall guy. Give me someone to stab or shoot, someone to crush or destroy. Give me something to kill.

Give me anger.

Give me seething, cursing, spewing, swearing and screaming. Give me a hoarse voice, sore throat and a bad attitude. Give me blinded eyes and closed ears. Give me bitterness, sarcasm and pain. Give me an outlet. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear it screaming. Give me someone to listen. Give me no one. Give me nothing. Give me a sentence and give me a cell to rot in. Give me four walls to shout at.

Give me rage.

Give me clawed out eyes, pulled out hair, burned arms and bruised fists. Give me empty bottles, sleepless nights and cigarette butts. Give me broken dishes, shattered glass and destroyed possessions. Give me an axe to chop, a match to burn and a hammer to smash. Give me tears, cries and questions of “why?” Give me no answer, no reprieve and no quarter. Give me nothing I ask and everything I despise. Give me something to make me peel off my skin and tear out my hair. Give me no rest, no sleep and no relief.

Give me frustration.

Give me something. Give me anything. Give me nothing.

Give me your anger, rage and frustration because mine aren’t nearly enough.


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