Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Creature Within

See my shadow changing, stretching up and over me.

Soften this old armor, hoping I can clear the way by,

Stepping through my shadow, coming out the other side.

Stepping through the shadow of Forty Six and Two just ahead of me.

There is a creature that was locked inside, far from inquisitive eyes, of whose existence we were not aware. Dormant yet so alive, he waited for the call of his name.

A mutation has been taking place under the skin that covers my flesh, I can feel it move. The sickness is spreading out of control and the creature is taking hold. You took your chance opening his cage, waking him and now he cannot be stopped.

There were things I was hiding that I did not know existed. I remember hearing it calling the first time I saw you bound to my bed frame. But this was not an accident, for you are simply pursuing a means to an end, drawing something from me in the process.

So I stare in the mirror and I see the animal hiding behind the blue in my eyes. A perfect monster awakened by your summons, I see my shadow changing. You will submit to my will, just as you desire, but I will show you no mercy. When you return, you will remember the animal you have created.

I will pull at your leash and yank on your hair, showing you that you are mine. I will fight you till the end and feel your flesh between my teeth. I will take what is mine. I will leave you bruised, battered and beaten, yet you will cry for more. I know what you are; there is no hiding from me. You and I, we are the same…monsters hiding beneath the surface. I will leave you broken but you will egg me on for more, knowing all the while I will never be defeated. You will push and pull until you are defeated, but it is as you planned. You want this because you know I will leave you broken.

Or is it because you know I will put you back together afterwards?

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