Sunday, May 04, 2008

what one does at a party

so here i sit...saturday night one thirty in the morning. the question one might ask is "why in God's name would you punch keys on a keyboard when you could be having such a great time." i am a professional when it comes to going through the motions.

good at it? no not really, in fact everyone asks me what is wrong, or they say "OMG!!! YOU MUST BE SOOOO DRUNK." actually im not drunk im hammered, been listening to the blues all day and wondering why i snorted my whole mountain of cocaine last night so i have nothing to force me to love life.

Last night was one of those situations where the only thing that outweighed the amount of white powder going up my nostrils was the amount of stupid shit coming out of my mouth. no one fucking reads this anyways so the fact that i admit my blatant drug addiction doesnt matter. who is going to criticize me? if i want to piss my dollars up my nose and wish all my friends would all go to hell well who the fuck is going to stop me.

isnt it funny that i sit in a dirty basement with college kids from my alma mater and buy their beer...pathetic, dont pretend you dont think otherwise. i long for something more and maybe thats the reason i sit here instead of showing everyone just how good i am at faking. i sit here thinking about what other notable bloggers are doing on their saturday night, surely not pissing away their time on a computer screen. nevermind anyways i am just complaining...and she keeps calling me so i have to go......

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